Mike Williams

Mike Williams

Founder & Purpose Agent

Executive・Speaker・Coach・Author・Productivity Architect

Serving innovators, pro athletes, executives, small businesses, company boards, and, most importantly, teens.

Mike Williams is the founder of enPractice. Mike brings over 30 years of diverse experience in business leadership, organizational design, self-organizing organizations, executive coaching, organizational development and consulting.

Mike enjoys engaging directly with clients in his role as a consultant, speaker, and executive coach. He co-authored Getting Things Done for Teens – take control of your life in a distracting world, is a TEDx speaker and industry expert that has been cited in magazines such as Fast Company and Inc.

From 2011 to 2016, Mike served as President and CEO of the David Allen Company. His appreciation and application of Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology as an operating system for sustainable change for individuals and organizations drew him from General Electric to his role as President and CEO of the David Allen Company.

Mike is an experienced Holacracy® practitioner. In the pursuit of David Allen Company’s evolutionary purpose, he and his colleagues helped transition the company business model from a professional services business model to licensing business model. The GTD® methodology now has over 20 licensed organizations serving 60 countries worldwide. This strategic change resulted in a smaller core organization, with improved financial sustainability, that positively impacts more lives than ever before.

Mike has worked with a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to government institutions to small businesses in a variety of industries including healthcare, mining, think-tanks, retail, entertainment, biotechnology, information technology, telecommunications, higher-education, and clergy. He helps individuals, teams and organizations transition from a state of stressed and overwhelmed, where the “latest and loudest” is the norm, to a feeling of relaxed control and perspective so they can focus on what matters most—both professionally and personally.

Mike is an officer on the board of directors for the Association for Talent Development (atd.org).

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