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Get Work Off Your Plate: Automate to Grow Your Business & Avoid the High Cost of Hiring

Mary Sue Dahill | MSD Advisors

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Description: It’s 4:30p, you are tired and just starting the strategic, business-building work on your to-do list. Every day, you are spending most of your time doing administrative tasks to support your business and not enough to grow your business. Don’t let your business own you. Get work off your plate by identifying automation opportunities, learn the five elements to automate, and two brilliant moves to create lasting impact. Automate to avoid the high cost of hiring and time totally focused on growing your business or enjoying the perfect margarita.

Attendees walk away from this talk with:

  • Automation opportunities to get tedious administrative tasks off their plate.
  • The five essential elements to automate and reclaim time without the high cost and headache of hiring.
  • A digital tools strategy that will help them automate.
  • Finally, two simple but brilliant moves that will create lasting in their business.

If you’d like to see this session from Productivity Summit 2019, please purchase the lifetime video and audio access pass here.