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Get Your Digital Sh** Together

Penny Catterall | Order Your Life

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Description: Is your computer desktop cluttered with layers of icons? Do you waste a lot of time searching for documents in your computer you just know you have — somewhere?? Do you feel out of control in your home or business because of too many papers and files? Is your computer or phone slowing down because it’s filled with digital clutter?

Now imagine being able to find your important documents and pictures in a matter of seconds! Imagine having a system for where to put your digital downloads and files.

Imagine being organized for tax season!

Join professional organizer and productivity expert Penny Catterall to learn:

  • How to create a filing system for the major categories of documents for small businesses and homes
  • How to organize, name and find your important documents
  • How to use Dropbox and Evernote for cloud based storage so you can access your documents, note and files anywhere anytime
  • What scanner apps and products are available to immediately capture business cards, documents and receipts
  • Digital Organizing Do’s and Don’ts
  • Other tips and tricks for keeping your digital life running smoothly

If you’d like to see this session from Productivity Summit 2019, please purchase the lifetime video and audio access pass here.