Alexis Haselberger

I’m a productivity, time-management and efficiency expert (aka nerd).  I spent the first 15+ years of my career managing operations and HR at several early-stage start-ups, where there was always way more to do than people to do it.  But I also believe that work-life balance is essential for everyone, even though the definition may be different for everyone.

As a result, I began to develop and implement productivity systems in the companies I worked for, and in my life, to ensure that goals were met, balls were not dropped, and that, most importantly, I and those around me stayed sane.

My productivity and time-management systems, techniques, tricks and hacks can be customized to any team, individual or household.

With my help, you’ll build the balance that’s right for you, so that you can do all that you want to do, with less effort and less stress. You will learn that it’s possible to stop worrying that you have forgotten to do something, or are behind on something, because you will be on top of what you need to do.  I will teach you how to prioritize effectively, so that you can spend the right amount of time on the right things.  My strategies and techniques will help you to preserve your play time and give your brain a rest, all while getting more done than you can imagine.  Most importantly, these systems, strategies and techniques will be tailored to YOU. We’ll work with who you are already instead of trying to fit you in a box.

In short, I help people figure out how to do more of what they want, less of what they don’t and reduce stress at the same time.

With a background in HR, I am  also SPHR and SHRM-SCP certified.

Based in San Francisco, but able to work virtually no matter where you are.