Julie Bestry, CPO

Julie Bestry, President of Best Results Organizing, is a professional organizer in Chattanooga, Tennessee, providing guidance in all aspects of organizing and time management. Julie helps residential, home-office, small business and corporate clients save time and money, reduce stress and increase productivity.

Julie’s clients don’t just learn from the hands-on organizing services she provides — they also learn skills that allow them to maintain their new, more organized environments in the future. In addition to working one-on-one with clients, Julie also writes articles and teaches seminars on organizing and time management for companies, professional organizations and volunteer groups. (Click to contact Julie about her availability for speaking engagements.) Julie also appears regularly on WRCB-TV3’s morning news, offering insight and advice on subjects related to having a more organized life, and is often interviewed by representatives of the media.

Julie was inspired to start Best Results Organizing after a long career as a television program director. Broadcasting is a high-paced environment in which strong organizational skills and systems are paramount for keeping things running smoothly – a little bit of disorganization can lead to dead air, disappointed viewers and lost revenue. Soon after September 11th, 2001, Julie found herself seeking a career change, a professional opportunity that allowed her to use her skills to inspire change and help people achieve their dreams.

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