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Integrate: Evernote

Lindsey Holmes | Usable Tech

Description: Lindsey Holmes is a 10-year Evernote Pro/ Power User, the former Evernote Small Business Ambassador, one of the first Evernote Certified Consultants and most recently the feature of the official Evernote Skills Course. She has written several books on how to use Evernote for maximum efficiency as well as the intersection between the tool and her core industry – Digital Marketing. Her most popular book,  ‘Integrate: Evernote,’ was co-written with former Evernote Head of Education and Productivity Thought Leader Josh Zerkel And has sold over 50K copies.

At the Productivity Summit, Lindsey will provide her most necessary Evernote tips and Integrations and how to identify one’s ‘pain points’ and automate them for productivity success.

If you’d like to see this session from Productivity Summit 2019, please purchase the lifetime video and audio access pass here.